About Me

Welcome to All The Shoes Fit.

I'm Victoria, a Boston girl currently living in Orange County, CA. I started this blog on a whim as a creative outlet and an extension of my unique sense of style and self.  I post outfit photos, share online shopping tips and finds, try to make sense of current trends and sometimes muse about life lessons I've learned (there have been plenty!).

My look is minimalistic. I like incorporating menswear inspired pieces with unexpected feminine touches.  I believe style speaks louder than words and fashion is how I choose to express myself.  And, my favorite form of fashion self expression is, of course, shoes!

In real life I am a professional chef and owned a successful boutique hotel and restaurant for over 10 years. I've lived in Paris, San Francisco, Boston and a few places in between. I landed here in SoCal after selling my restaurant in 2008.  I'm a runner and triathlete and have competed in distances from 5K to Ironman. 

We are each unique and I hope that what you see on these pages will help you define and own your personal style. You can follow along in any way you please, here are some links to get you started: