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1 Hair Brush Everyone Should Own


The Wet Brush

I love my optician. Somehow, even though I visit only once every 2 years, we get off on the most bizarre conversational tangents. Most recently, our topic of conversation was hair. I really have no idea what exactly we were talking about (as I was trying to take educated guesses at those ridiculously tiny lines of letters) but “The Wet Brush” came up. Of course I was shocked that I was not in on this amazing secret as I am usually all over anything that will streamline the “getting dressed” process.  So, when I was browsing my local beauty supply store last week and came across it, I decided to give it a try.

I have forever been on the hunt for a brush that doesn’t tear, rip and pull out my hair when it’s wet. My search has been unsuccessful, until now. This brush is amazing. It glides through wet, tangled hair so easily, like magic. I have been using the brush for 3 weeks now and there is barely any hair in the bristles. Compare that with my other brushes that have so much hair in them after only one use, I feel I should be running for the nearest bottle of Rogaine.