Efficienct Fashion






Cardigan : H&M | Trousers: Zara | Shoes : Birkenstock for JCrew
Cuff : Dannijo Frankie II

If there is one thing I can say without hesitation that I am good at, it’s efficiency. A career spent in the restaurant business as a chef and an owner will do that to you. I learned very quickly  that economy of movement is critical if I wanted to be standing by the end of the night, or more importantly, maintain my sanity throughout my tenure in the business. Going into the dining room? Take something with you. Back into the kitchen? Same. Never go empty handed, it’s a waste of a trip otherwise. Get the most accomplished with the least amount of movement and effort.

This is a trait that has spilled over into nearly every aspect of my life. I am always thinking 2 steps ahead and plan accordingly. This is second nature, I don’t ponder over it, I just do it.  If I have errands to run, I take the most direct and efficient route, taking into consideration traffic, wait times (what can I be doing while waiting for a prescription?) and how I can make the least amount of turns and double backs. I will admit, it borders on obsession and makes for difficult relationships. Dilly dallying is not my thing. I want to get out and get it done. It’s not that I have something better to do, I just hate wasting time. Instead of stopping to smell the roses along the way (as I have been admonished to do many a time) I just want to get it done so I can actually enjoy the roses (READ: “wine on the terrace”) without having to worry about everything I haven’t done yet. Now, let’s be clear, I’m also lazy. I can procrastinate with the best of them, believe me.

For the most part, this is also my approach to dressing and how I curate my closet. I am drawn to the minimalist designers, but not of the normcore variety. I look for pieces that are minimal but pack a punch. In other words, “efficient fashion“, the other end of the norm core spectrum. Get the most style value with then least amount of fabric and embellishment, relying on shape and from in an understated way instead. These trousers are a perfect example. I never like to look like I’ve tried too hard, but I will confess, sometimes that can actually take more effort, a bit of an oxymoron to be sure. I do love a good arm party, but It’s not my most comfortable look. Instead of taking something off before I go out the door (as Coco Chanel once advised), I usually have to force myself to put some more on.

These photos were a spur of the moment shoot but I thought the metallic silver Birks here embody my “efficient fashion” theory perfectly (plus, I was shopping at Whole (paycheck) Foods so I figured I’d fit right in). It does’t get more minimal than Birkenstocks, and I really thought I would hold out on the fugly shoe trend, but when I saw them in Metallic silver at JCrew, I knew they were a winner.

Are you an efficiency freak? What are some of the crazy efficient habits you have?